Free Middle School Science Activities, Worksheets, Interactive Notebook Pages, and More!

FREE Middle School Science Resources

Hello middle school science teachers! Are you looking for free science worksheets? How about some free science posters and activities? Here is my collection of free resources about the scientific method, genetics, the human body, physical science, measurement, data analysis, and more! I created them with seventh grade science in mind, but these resources will work perfectly for other grades as well. Look below to find some great resources for your science classroom. Click on the links to download. Enjoy :)

Data Analysis


  • Free Genetics Vocabulary Boom Deck: Students use these digital task cards on the Boom Learning site to practice the definitions of genotype, phenotype, dominant, recessive, homozygous, and heterozygous. All cards are multiple choice or click the correct response. Use this versatile deck as a preassessment, homework assignment, review, or assessment. 
  • Free Halloween Genotype and Phenotype Punnett Square Worksheet: Celebrate Halloween in your science classroom with this fun Halloween monsters worksheet! Your students will create Punnett squares to determine the likelihood of certain genotypes and phenotypes in monsters.
  • Free St. Patrick's Day Monohybrid Crosses Punnett Square Worksheet: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in science with this genetics worksheet featuring leprechauns. Your students will use monohybrid Punnett squares to find the percent chance of different genotypes and phenotypes. Students will need a working knowledge of words like heterozygous, homozygous, hybrid, and purebred. The questions on the worksheet are arranged from easiest to most challenging.
  • Free Winter Holiday Genetics Punnett Square Worksheet: Students find the genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring of winter holiday characters like Santa and Mrs. Claus, Rudolf, and elves. This one page worksheet can be used as practice in class or as a homework assignment. A key is included.

The Human Body

  • Free Body Systems Bell Ringers: This set has six warm-up cards, one from each of the following organ systems: nervous, circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, and digestive systems. Use these warm-up cards as bell ringers, task cards, or stations. They're perfectly sized to fit in science interactive notebooks!
  • Free Body Systems Informational Posters: Use these colorful posters to decorate your science classroom during your unit on the human body. The organ systems included are the digestive, muscular, skeletal, nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems.
  • Free Homeostasis Worksheet: This one-page worksheet will introduce your middle school or upper elementary science students to homeostasis with a short reading passage and a question set about homeostasis. Get lesson plan ideas for teaching homeostasis. 
  • Free Levels of Organization & Tissues Vocabulary Game Cards: Use this set of eight differentiated science vocabulary game cards in your human body unit to review and reinforce terms related to the levels of organization in the human body and the four basic types of tissue. The cards can be used in many ways throughout your lessons; nine ideas for use are included. The eight included vocabulary cards are cell, tissue, organ, organ system, epithelial tissue, nervous tissue, muscle tissue, and connective tissue. Learn more about vocabulary review activities.


  • Free Density Science Interactive Notebook Page: Students practice the relationship between mass, volume, and density in this INB page perfectly sized to fit in composition notebooks. An answer key is provided. 
  • Free Liquid Volume Graduated Cylinders Worksheet: Give your students practice measuring liquid volume in 30 mL graduated cylinders. Students record the volume of liquid in graduated cylinders and shade the graduated cylinders to show specific volumes. The graduated cylinders in this worksheet show liquid with a meniscus instead of a straight line.

Physical Science

The Scientific Method

Miscellaneous—Use in any grade and subject area

Thank you for checking out my free science resources! I hope they help make your teaching life easier. Have a great year teaching middle school science!