Valentine's Day Blog Hop 2015

Fast Five for “Feeling the Love” Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

1.  Something I love about teaching: I love working with middle school students. They are just plain weird sometimes. There is rarely an uneventful moment with them around.  

2. A resource I love using in my classroom: One of my favorite activities I did every year in my science classes was “The Importance of Constants Activity.”  My students really struggled with the idea of constants (the things that stay the same throughout the experiment) until one day I decided make an experiment almost completely without constants.  I had the students predict if boys or girls could do more sit-ups and then got volunteers to put the experiment to the test. I gave the girls a ton of advantages like foot holders, counters, and people to help lift their shoulders. I gave the boys many disadvantages like counting out loud, holding books on their chests, and starting late.  The activity almost started a riot in my classroom (just kidding, but there were some strong emotions), but from that point on the students understood constants much better.

3. A special Valentine’s Day gift I love: Chocolate, candy, and flowers are always great with me, so I’m pretty happy every year with gorging on a huge box of chocolates while staring at a vase of pretty tulips.

4. Something I would love to do: Well, currently I live in Korea with my husband so there are plenty of things I’d love to do when we move back to the US.  One of the things I’d love to do the most is walk around neighborhoods with my husband and corgi and look at all the pretty houses, thinking about which one we’d choose.

5. A book I love: Last year I read Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. I loved EVERYTHING about that book—the characters, the writing style, the plot, the cover, the details, the symbolism, the relatability.  


  1. Wow-Korea! I love that TPT and blogging can make it feel like a small world!
    - Julie

    1. TpT and blogging certainly do help me feel a bit more at home. :)

  2. Adding The Goldfinch to my reading list. I did my student teaching with middle schoolers, and despite all of their crazy emotions, they are a great age group.

    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

    1. It is a fantastic book! I hope you enjoy it. :)