First Post


For my first blog post I figured I'd tell you a little about my teaching background and why I decided to create a blog.

I've taught for five years in a variety of states (South Dakota, Minnesota, and Oklahoma), subject areas (science, English, reading, PE, and social studies), and ages (K-8). My favorite age to work with is middle school, and I was fortunate enough to teach 7th grade science for the past three years.

This summer I moved to South Korea--of all places--to be with my husband who is in the army. While I'm here I decided to keep my education skills fresh by editing the teaching resources I made in the past and creating new resources to use in my future classrooms. My Teachers Pay Teachers site shows all of the materials I've worked on since I got to Korea in early August. This blog will allow me to share more information about those materials and how to use them.

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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