Secondary Smorgasbord Happy Hour: Free Teacher Resources

A number of the secondary teachers on Teacher Pay Teachers decided to have a "Happy Hour" to compile a list of their free resources for teachers of sixth grade through twelfth grade. You can find the links to all of these free resources at the bottom of this post.

My free resource for this Happy Hour is for science teachers who want their students to learn about qualitative and quantitative observations in a fun way. The Qualitative and Quantitative Observation Activity gives students a chance to first review what they know about observations and then work in groups to make observations about every day objects. The great thing about this activity is that the supplies can be anything--the teacher doesn't have to go out and buy specific supplies to make it work.
 Free Observations Activity

Check out the blogs of the people who set up this Happy Hour: Desktop Learning Adventures and ELA Buffet.  Thank you!


  1. So glad you joined in on the Secondary Smorgasbord. I love your blog!

  2. Happy to meet you, Elly! Thanks for linking up with us all the way from South Korea!

  3. Darlene, thanks for inviting me to participate! It is a great opportunity for teachers and it helps me get my new blog and store out there.

  4. I love this idea because it inspires kids to actually observe what touches their lives and then make thoughtful comments. Very nice!
    Happy Teaching,

  5. Thank you Connie! My students enjoy this activity a lot. Thanks for commenting!